Understanding the Fishing Season in Canada

Canada is said to have the finest and most ideal lakes and rivers in all North America. Experts attest that the water bodies in the country are just right for the proliferation and thriving of many different species of fish. Thus, hobbyists and fishing enthusiasts always make it a point to drop by and take a short fishing vacation to Canada. It is important to note and know the significan’t fishing seasons in the country.

Of course, it is logical that fishing isn’t ideal during winter. There are fish species that can still be caught despite the freezing temperatures of the water, but the problem is that anglers may not be able to withstand the extreme cold temperature of the outdoors during the season. The usual fish species are normally in the deepest sections of the lakes or rivers or have migrated temporarily to other rivers until the season improves in Canada.

The start of the fishing season is heralded by the onset of spring. During the season, whatever ice and glaciers formed during winter are starting to melt and warm up. The months of May and June mark the start of the early fishing season. Different fish species during this season are starting to move to shallow parts of the water.

The months of July and August mark summer in Canada. Stable weather helps anglers find ideal temperature for this outdoor activity. This time of the year, more and more fish species are starting to appear. Patient and skillful anglers will most likely have a good catch.

Finally, the season of fall is the most ideal for fishing in Canada. Aside from the ideal weather to allow anglers to do different outdoor activities, the volume of all fish species going to the shallow waters is peaking during this month of September. During this season, prevailing temperatures in lakes and rivers across the country are starting to drop in anticipation and preparation of the onset of another long winter season. Fall is the most ideal time for fishing activities in Canada. That is why it is normal that tourists swoon the country especially the local fishing resorts during this season.

If you are planning to take a vacation or a short fishing trip to Canada, check out the prevailing weather in the country. Remember, the weather could be a great factor as you make the decision to come for a visit.